Behind Every Stroke is a Creative Mind

One of the most talented, creative minds I know is willing to share her story. This woman is a jack of many trades but one of her finest is painting. Her work is marvelous and breathtaking. Her artistic talent is a natural gift and an outlet for calming her mind.

Let me introduce you to the alluring and delightful Marlene!

Marlene and her creation… just keep reading to find out what it is

Marlene started creating art pieces when she was around five to six years old. Her art journey started with the repetitive drawing of a horse that belonged to her great Aunt. This was her FAVORITE piece to draw.

The favorite horse, courtesy of Marlene (Yes, she still has it)

Family was not always encouraging in the beginning. BUT… around the time of High School, Marlene picked up right where she left off. She was back to creating!

Marlene has been a nurse for 11 years. The nursing profession can be taxing and is not for the faint of heart. It can be super high-stress, with no time to eat, killer on the feet, and consist of patients that are not always pleasant. None the less, she has been doing this for over a decade because she loves it.


Since Marlene’s profession can be so demanding, she uses art as her outlet. She says when times are hellish, it’s good to “hone in on one thing instead of multiple things at a time. Go to something more simple”.

When working on projects, some people fancy quiet while others prefer the Food Network as background noise, and some like listening to music. Marlene is someone who opts for listening to music. She elects the genre of 90’s grunge when working on a big project and jazz when she needs a calmer mind.

Her most recent BIG PROJECT was Gabriel, the sand worm from the movie Beetlejuice, which debuted in 1988. He was a star piece for her daughter’s birthday/Halloween event. It took Marlene a full week of labor to create this masterpiece out of insulation, cardboard, foam, and paint (acrylic and house varieties).

Gabriel in ALL of his glory! Plus, he has a cool shadow.

“He’s a BADASS” – Marlene

I most definitely agree!!

This creature is a giant but not accident-proof. He had a moment of instability and fell over, breaking his tongue! OH-NO!

Marlene was able to fix it, THANK GOODNESS, and he went on to be the life of the party.

I was privy to an up-close and personal shot

Marlene said something during our interview that I want to share with you and I really want you to think about…

“It came from me and my soul”

Her artwork allows her to release stresses and emotions. It’s a great outlet for expression. The satisfaction and gratification at the completion of an art piece is incredible. It’s a feeling like no other. I can attest to that. Showcasing her work during private events is a bonus to that satisfaction. Gabriel is just one of many superb pieces Marlene has created.

You can see the love between Marlene and Gabriel… it’s pretty awesome!

To quote Marlene’s daughter Desiree (who is an exquisite artist as well)…

“Damn! I just did that. I’m amazing!”

THAT my friends is the feeling like no other.

THAT is what stays with us when going through the day after completing a project.

THAT is one of the many reasons we create art pieces.

Let creativity take the wheel

Art is an outlet for life that’s all encompassing. It can be used to relieve stress, celebrate happiness, create a pathway for the mind to breathe, show frustration and anger in a healthy way, and express who you are.

Let your creative side help your mind find a good mental balance.

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