Allow Music to Inspire the Soul of Creation

Music is a part of my life just like brushing my teeth is. I listen to music everyday. For example, I can’t clean my house without music playing in the background. I don’t like to be active or create in silence. I am not saying there is a time and place for silence, mediation is one of those places.

I find music helps me get into the headspace I need when working on a project.

Chantelle Henriques wrote an article Music for Creativity. She discusses how music and creativity are tied together. This article is filled with information and is definitely worth the read.

Chantelle states:

” Modern science suggests that every person has the cognitive ability to come up with creative and original ideas – a concept referred to as divergent thinking. And we all have the capability to choose from a list of ideas, which one is most likely to be successful, which is called convergent thinking. Though we may all have different levels in the different types of thinking, we can all become more skillful in being creative problem-solvers.”

“It has been suggested that people who listen to music while performing a task have significantly higher scores in divergent thinking than those who perform the same tasks in silence and those who listened to music, were able to produce a longer list of creative ideas.”

Music can be calming, engaging, relaxing, uplifting and even infuriating. Every individual will have their own music choices for their projects. Simply put, music is extremely subjective. It can be used as a cathartic outlet or anxiety relief as described in the article The effect of music listening on work performance by Teresa Lusik.

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

Referring back to Chantelle’s article, she mentions the top three genres of music coming out of scientific studies are:

  • Nature sounds
  • Classical music
  • Instrumental music

No matter what your favorite music choices are, all that matters is that your music choice makes you happy. I know people where EDM is there happy place, heavy metal is preferred and those that enjoy Disney tunes to create to.

I’ve put together 10 of my favorite songs (in no particular order) from my Creative Flow Jams playlist from Spotify for you to grab a quick listen to. I’m all over the place with genres but each of these songs allows me to FEEL the music. The more I feel, the more I can be free to let loose and create.











Each piece of music brings out creativity for me in different ways. As you can tell, I have instrumentals, rock songs, and pop songs on my playlist. No matter what, the music I listen to takes me to a place of calm where I can get out of my head.

If you don’t already, play some music in the background and see if it helps your mood or stirs up creative juices. Just always remember that art is an extension of who you are. Always be you and create what comes from your soul.

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