From the Mind, Through the Hand, to the Stitch

Art is not only found in traditional painting or drawing. Art can be anything we devise. The pieces we create are made for self expression, moments of joy, release of anxieties, worry and pain. They are brought to life from our souls and filled with our emotions. I want to go outside the traditional artistContinue reading “From the Mind, Through the Hand, to the Stitch”

The Wisdom Behind the Doodle

Call it what you will, there is much to be gained from the doodle. I don’t know about you guys but I am a chronic doodler. Yep, even if that is not a word, it is now. I started doodling shortly after I left the womb I feel. My doodles have since become more intricateContinue reading “The Wisdom Behind the Doodle”

Pour It on Canvas Is More Than Just a Name

The name of this blog is Pour it on Canvas. But what does it stand for? Allow me… I am a woman who has gone through many obstacles in her life thus far. Some of these obstacles have been for the better (e.g. divorce) but some have taken a gruesome toll on my mental healthContinue reading “Pour It on Canvas Is More Than Just a Name”

Art is a Captivating Venture

When I was around elementary school age, I remember being in my art class working with ceramics. I vividly remember my creation… a bright, ruby red bowl with points on it like a crown. Now, remember, I was a kid and in reality it looked more like a bowl with nubs but that’s besides theContinue reading “Art is a Captivating Venture”