Aquascapes: Bringing Mother Nature Indoors

Artistic inspiration can be found anywhere we look. Nature is forever changing and is a tool which can be utilized to express how we feel through different artistic displays. What if I told you water, plants, rocks, and wood can be used for creating mental balance and achieving new artistic skills. Don’t believe me? Please,Continue reading “Aquascapes: Bringing Mother Nature Indoors”

Allow Music to Inspire the Soul of Creation

Music is a part of my life just like brushing my teeth is. I listen to music everyday. For example, I can’t clean my house without music playing in the background. I don’t like to be active or create in silence. I am not saying there is a time and place for silence, mediation isContinue reading “Allow Music to Inspire the Soul of Creation”

From the Mind, Through the Hand, to the Stitch

Art is not only found in traditional painting or drawing. Art can be anything we devise. The pieces we create are made for self expression, moments of joy, release of anxieties, worry and pain. They are brought to life from our souls and filled with our emotions. I want to go outside the traditional artistContinue reading “From the Mind, Through the Hand, to the Stitch”

7 Items for a Well-Balanced Kit Designed for the Novice Artist

There are many avenues a person can take when creating art. It can be anything from pencil and paper to giant metal statues. I know there are people wanting to try their hand at making an art piece but feel overwhelmed when thinking about the purchases they need to make in order to make thatContinue reading “7 Items for a Well-Balanced Kit Designed for the Novice Artist”

Stepping into the Realm of Digital Coloring

One of my favorite times as a child was pulling out my box of crayons and my favorite coloring book. I made sure to I ask Santa Claus every year for new crayons because I wore them down to nubs. I remember decorating my room with my finished pages and constantly wanting to compete inContinue reading “Stepping into the Realm of Digital Coloring”

Behind Every Stroke is a Creative Mind

One of the most talented, creative minds I know is willing to share her story. This woman is a jack of many trades but one of her finest is painting. Her work is marvelous and breathtaking. Her artistic talent is a natural gift and an outlet for calming her mind. Let me introduce you toContinue reading “Behind Every Stroke is a Creative Mind”

Artistry in Word Form: a Poem to Help Heal a Buried Trauma

This post is filled with emotion, which is absolutely NOT A BAD THING. In a previous post I mentioned how writing your feelings down on paper can help the healing process and can relieve stresses and negative energy. That’s what we’re going to discuss here. As previously mentioned, I have been through traumas in myContinue reading “Artistry in Word Form: a Poem to Help Heal a Buried Trauma”

The Wisdom Behind the Doodle

Call it what you will, there is much to be gained from the doodle. I don’t know about you guys but I am a chronic doodler. Yep, even if that is not a word, it is now. I started doodling shortly after I left the womb I feel. My doodles have since become more intricateContinue reading “The Wisdom Behind the Doodle”

Gateway to the Arts for People with Disabilities

Aloha to you, my wonderful friends! Please, join me in welcoming a woman who does so much for local artists. I am honored to be given the opportunity to chat with Kerry and talk about Creative Clay in St. Petersburg, FL . Kerry is the public relations manager at Creative Clay and has held thisContinue reading “Gateway to the Arts for People with Disabilities”

The Soul of Journaling: the Emotion Behind the Pen

Grab a seat, a good cup of coffee (or tea), and let me introduce you to the lovely Julia. She is a guest artist here on my blog with a focus on bullet journaling. She’s originally from the South Florida area and graduated in May 2020 from the University of South Florida- St. Petersburg withContinue reading “The Soul of Journaling: the Emotion Behind the Pen”

Pour it on Canvas is More Than Just a Name

The name of this blog is Pour it on Canvas. But what does it stand for? **UPDATE: the blog has since changed to fall under Caprivee Allow me… I am a woman who has gone through many obstacles in her life thus far. Some of these obstacles have been for the better (e.g. divorce) butContinue reading “Pour it on Canvas is More Than Just a Name”

Art is a Captivating Venture

When I was around elementary school age, I remember being in my art class working with ceramics. I vividly remember my creation… a bright, ruby red bowl with points on it like a crown. Now, remember, I was a kid and in reality it looked more like a bowl with nubs but that’s besides theContinue reading “Art is a Captivating Venture”